Times Square Quantity Surveyors & Consulting Services

Quantity Surveying/Cost Management

Comprehensive cost management services is provided, from project initiation to completion through all six stages of the project cycle identified by The South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession, Tariff of Professional Fees, and the Quantity Surveying Profession Act 2000 (Act 49 of 2000).

Project Co-ordination and Management

Our strength in project management and co-ordination skills lie in our professional ability to provide a dedicated service that is focused on the client and the vision of the project. Each service can be tailored to suit the needs of the project and client. These services include:

Project Management
Client’s Representation
Principal Agency
Project Monitoring
Project Consultancy
Development Management

Borrower’s and Lender’s Consultancy

The partners not only have the technical expertise, but also financing expertise. This combination makes them well-suited to represent the borrower or lender ‘client’ in development finance structuring, property development financing and other structured property finance deals. Additionally, we are ideally placed to act as independent certifiers on behalf of the lender.

Replacement Cost and Reinstatement Valuations

We provide valuations of property for insurance purposes, risk management and control.

Property Development and Investment Advice

We possess the skills and expertise to identify a project, develop the concept and refine it according to the client’s vision. This is done while securing the necessary finance, identifying and procuring all necessary documentation, identifying and appointing all relevant professionals and stakeholders, arranging the builder/contractor, and managing the completed building (facilities management).

Engineering Cost Management

We provide estimating, procurement, cost management and contract administration activities within the oil and gas sectors. Projects in this sector are generally of a high value, hence the imposing of a strict financial discipline on the project, ensuring:

Accurate and structured estimating
Timeous and cost-effective procurement
Accurate and up-to-date maintenance of costs to completion
Cost management of design changes
Timeous closeout of contracts

We are a service provider for PetroSA and we boast the successful shutdown (2009 and 2013) of its refinery well within budget.

Resource Allocation and Management

Our resource allocation division was formed to provide our clients with expert technical and consultancy support to the oil and gas sectors. We understand the importance of providing support throughout the full range of our client’s projects and have management consultants who are experienced in all the phases of Feed Studies, Design, Construction, Commissioning Operation/Production, Maintenance & Decommissioning.

To ensure that our clients and applicants requirements are fully understood and met, we employ consultants who are fully conversant and experienced with the industries that we support and are fully conversant with all phases of the projects that they are supporting. By utilising our knowledge and understanding of the industries that we serve, our resource allocation division is perfectly positioned to deliver the right people at the right time.

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